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Feature Treatments This Month

Acne Scar Treatment

Many of us will have experienced the distress and embarrassment of an acne breakout at some time during our teens and early 20s. Even though acne is something you eventually ‘grow out of’, for many people, acne causes significant psychological suffering and more so if the acne results in scarring.

Non Surgical Liposuction

Most people will have parts of their body that they would like to tone so they can dropping a dress size or reduce the love handles. We examine the causes of excess fat and how different devices work to reduce or remove its appearance. Learn more…

Expert Contributors

This website would not be able to publish the content it does without the expert contributions from Detail Tattoo Removal – PicoWay Sydney, The Harley Clinic, Feel Good Laser & Skin ClinicDHI Australia and Smoother Skin Clinic. We thank these clinics for their ongoing support to help to educate consumers and their industry leadership.

Latest From Our Blog

Laser Tattoo Removal - you may be asking, does it actually work? We discuss the Spectra laser with before and after photos.


Learn about a safe, effective and most importantly, permanent solution for hair loss. We explain the recovery process after a DHI Direct Hair Implantation.


Before you consider surgery for loose, excess or sagging skin, discover non-surgical VelaShape for skin tightening, fat reduction and cellulite treatment.


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