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hair loss treatment and hair transplant melbourne victoriaThere is something big Gro (ing) in Melbourne and it’s not just mens hair. Hair loss treatments in Melbourne, Victoria are on the rise again after much of Australia has been on lockdown due to COVID 19. With an outdoor lifestyle and access to beaches and nature year-round, the Melbourne is a city where men and women care about their appearances.

Until recently there has not been much choice if you are looking to get back some of those luscious locks from your early 20’s. Lead in hair replacement in Victoria Gro Melbourne hair transplantation clinic.

Apart from the name of this hair replacement clinic going in the right direction for your hair needs, what is it that Gro in Melbourne has that other hair clinic’s don’t.

We talked to one of their hair growth specialists about how they are different to other hair clinics.

One stop hair loss shop

Although this is not the words from Gro, this is what we would describe them as. When you look at the current state of the hair loss industry in Australia. You have long established companies like Ashley and Martin and Advanced Hair Studios. Both companies only do one thing “in house”. They either do prescription medication on long term lock in contracts or they sell you a wig/ hairpiece.

In the last two years there have been a number of online hair loss providers, offering cheap prescription medication options that are posted to your door. But, there has not been a provider with the physical locations and low cost online prescription options until Gro. They have clinics in every capital city on the eastern seaboard of Australia and an online store and prescription hair loss medication options.

But as you know, one size does not fit all when it comes to hair loss. Hair loss medication despite how it is marketed by many providers will not be effective in growing your hair back. It will save the hair you currently have and may give a bit more density, but it is really only designed to save your hair. If you are looking to get hair back you have lost then you will need to look at a hair transplant. Gro also offer non-surgial hair loss treatments in clinic and surgical hair transplants, all in house. Many companies like Ashley and Martin and Advanced Hair Studios will outsource these surgical procedures to other clinics.

In Conclusion

The expansion of Gro in Melbourne is a good thing for the whole hair loss industry. They are the first provider in Melbourne and Australia that offer hair loss solutions at every stage of hair loss. If you are thinning or receding and you would like to keep the hair you have, they offer prescription medication. If you are balding or receding and you would like to fix what you currently have, they offer surgical hair transplants.

Definitely worth a call and they have started offering online video consultations during the pandemic and this has been so popular they said these will definitely continue in the future.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on hair loss in Melbourne.



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