Melbourne hair loss clinics, changes from COVID

There have been many changes in Australia and the world from the COVID outbreak in 2020. While all industries have been affected, none more than those conducting business face to face. While the medical industry is equipped more than say retail to deal with infectious diseases, it has still impacted this industry to a larger extent.

Australia has weathered the health and financial storm better than many other countries. There have been two states in Australia who have feared worst than the rest and these have been the most heavily populated states, Victoria and New South Wales. Victoria has been in multiple lockdown situations with businesses forced to close. In a previous article “Latest Melbourne Hair Transplant With Gro” we looked at Gro a medical/ health and fitness company in Melbourne, Australia. the Melbourne hair transplant clinics.  Many medical or essential medical businesses in Melbourne were able to stay open during the first lockdown. This changed in the second, more serious outbreak where Melbourne went into a second and longer lockdown.

An interesting article on Gro hair transplant – bought many interesting points on how to choose a hair transplant surgeon.


Where to from here for Australia COVID?

The outlook for Australia is good. Many states like Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia still have their borders closed to NSW and Victoria. This is a precaution to stop the movement of people within Australia until the community transfer is handled.


Where to from here for the medical hair transplant industry?

For hair transplant clinics who have traditionally done business face to face and relied on referrals or walk-in patients, this will be very bad. For some companies in Australia who have embraced digital technology and different ways of doing business, this is a moment that will accelerate their market share.

Online consultations

The medical industry and this includes the hair transplant industry is very antiquated in general. Business is done in the way that it has always been done and that is face to face. But times are changing and COVID is and “event” that has sparked many hair transplant clinics to embrace technology and do business in a different way. In the past a major sticking point for many consumers when it comes to hair loss is taking the first step and getting a diagnosis. Ther are many reasons for this, a big one is being discovered by a colleague or friend waiting for a consultation in a hair loss clinic. This is fixed by online consultations where a patient can have a consultation in the comfort and security of their own home.



In conclusion, the world will not be the same after this health and the resulting financial crisis. But if history has told us anything, it is that businesses must adapt or they will perish. The same is true for medical or health businesses. The needs of a consumer are changing and they are changing towards convenience. Having to travel an hour to a consultation, find parking and then drive home is not the best use of a business consumers time. Making things easy and convenient through online consultation is a great use of consumers time.




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